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Start Sevices Overview

  • START Sevices was founded in 2005 as a USA based non-profit, humanitarian relief organization. The founders and key members of START are commited to the principles of humanitarian relief and bring decades of experience in that field.
  • START - Services leverages the synergistic power of partnerships between the public and private sectors unlocking previously untapped capabilities and offering new and innovative sustainable solutions to the humanitarian organizations, governments, and NGOs.
  • START Services has established offices in Texas (USA), Nicosia Cyprus, Athens Greece, Arusha Tanzania, and Jerusalem-West Bank. It operates on a global basis.

Our Purpose

START Services is dedicated to the support of NGO humanitarian efforts on a global basis, adding value and focus to the NGO sector by leveraging the synergistic power of strategic alliances and partnerships between the public and private sectors.

START works with governmental and non-governmental organizations and assists them in the following sectors:

  • Innovative solutions for non-profit Global Security and Safety Risk Management
  • Crisis management safety and secruity technical support for non-profits
  • Remote Medical support and Telemedicine-based solutions
  • Remote logistics solutions and emergency diaster response
  • Information technology, communications and project management in crisis environments
  • Training and capacity buildings in the fields of safety and security risk management, cultural awareness and human rights
  • Emergency Support Services for non-profits "helping the victims of disasters"

Our Mission

To enable the delivery of aid and resources in emergency, first-response or hostile environments in an effort to help people help them-selves regardless of creed, race, or ethnos. We will do this with respect and love for each individual with God’s grace and blessing.


CCZ - START Services is based on a shared mission and vision that emphasizes Faith in our Creator and devotion to timeless values emphasized by a strong belief that “we are our brother’s keeper.” START Services is intended to provide services to NGOs, faith-based organizations, and other aid groups with shared values as well as directly helping people in need during disasters or conflicts.


What We Represent

Crisis & Conflict Zone - Stratigic/Tactical Advocates & Response & Training Services

For Humanitarian Relief Operations

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